Zionists Throw Tantrum Over Children’s Colouring Book!

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A Zionist group in South Africa calls for an end to the publication of a colouring book.

The children’s colouring book is said to promote the obliteration of Jews- an erroneous assertion.

An educational colouring book that provides a doorway into the history of Palestine is being challenged for its storytelling by a Zionist group based in South Africa.

From the River to the Sea created by Writer and illustrator Nathi Ngubane, is a book that explores the history and culture of the land of Palestine and the injustices Palestinians faced during the Nakba.

Though the themes may sound grown-up the book has been well received by critics and its target audience. Ngubane does extremely well to help young children understand and relate to the poignant momentsand concepts that help identify the need for Palestinian resistance. He also fittingly uses South Africa’s history of Apartheid to help children relate to the oppression of Palestinian people.

Nathi Ngubane hopes to educate children worldwide

Speaking at the time of his press release Nathi said:

“The current situation in Gaza is heart-wrenching. Every day, I follow the news to keep myself updated on the ongoing events, such as the Israeli military strikes that are causing severe injuries, destruction to homes and deaths to thousands of children.”

“Many of us feel helpless and wish we could do something to help,” Ngubane added.
“I am hoping that by the end of this book, children will be more informed about the devastating situation that children their age are facing in Gaza.”

It is for content, themes and humanitarian acts such as this, that a welfare group for Zionists called ‘South African Jewish Board of Deputies’ (SAJBD) decided to call out the publication.

SAJBD Statement which condemns the book and fails to address the atrocities occurring now in Gaza.

The strongly worded statement falsely claims that the book promotes the obliteration of Jews from their rightful homeland and indoctrinates children. The desperation to remove the truth from public view is palpable, yet some succumbed to the ludicrous claims made by the Zionist outfit.

A prominent book store in South Africa – Exclusive Books – saw the Zionist statement and removed the books from sale only to quickly put out a statement to correct the error, following many people going on social media expressing their discontent at being unable to find and buy the book.

From the River to the Sea is an activity book that introduces the story of Palestine with illustrations inspired by murals around the world.

As All Proceeds will be donated to Penny Appeal South Africa’s Palestine Projectsat first glance people ought to be wondering why the Zionists are going after a project that is being supported by ‘Penny Appeal South Africa’?

However, there is a common pattern as Israelis have done the same to UNRWA, UNICEF, Islamic Relief, World Central Kitchen etc, and actions which the Zionists have taken are a typical example of their attitudes towards anything that supports the Palestinian cause.

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